What is paintball?

Paintball is played in over 40 countries by men, women, families and friends. Statistics show that Paintball is safer than most outdoor activities
eg: rollerblading, surfing, netball, jetskiing.

Paintball combines the fun of childhood games like hiding and seek and red rover as well as the adult aspect of leadership and teamwork in a challenging and exciting environment.

The rules to Paintball are simple. The objective to most games is to evade your foe and eliminate your competition. Each game is different and rules can vary depending on the nature of the game. For a more in-depth guide of fair-play and rules.

Our qualified referees explain all the rules and the goals before each game starts. Your safety is our top priority. Every game is supervised and all players are
provided with the highest quality safety equipment.

Each session at Action Paintball Mackay generally runs from 3 to 4 hours but will last for as long as you desire. During that time, games run in that time for 15 to 20 minutes. Between games, players take a break to have a drink, plan their tactics and recount the thrills and hilarious stories. During the breaks our friendly staff check equipment, clean masks and sell paintballs.

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