Paint Ball Affection

Do paintballs hurt?

When shot by a paintball, it is prevalent that you feel a sting similar to that of a firm flick. The minor pain tends to fade quickly, while most of the hits by a paintball can cause slight welt and bruise. The level of severity depends on factors such as the distance the ball travels, the speed of the ball and where the paintball hits your body

Do paintballs stain your clothes?

Paintballs are designed not to stain clothes. They are manufactured to be hypoallergenic, biodegradable, water-soluble, among other measures put in place to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. After the game, you can gently wash your game gear, and you will find that the paintball splash pigments are washed away thoroughly, leaving your clothes clean.

When preparing for a paintball game, you need to assemble your proper equipment with plenty of ammunitions. It would help if you had an average of 300 to 500 paintballs per day. The usage of paintballs depends on the number of games you are playing, player’s skill level, shooting style, playing position and mood. We will still go further and look at the number of the ball we require at a certain period, say in two hours, an hour or the whole day game. A good player can pack at least 500 balls earlier during game preparation, and maybe an extra 100 paintballs for an emergency. Let us take a look;

Two-hour game: the approximate number of paintballs for the two-hour game can be 100- 150 paintballs. Depending on the shooting position, skill level, game type, among other factors, a player may use up to 300 paintballs in two hours.

Let’s take a closer look at this:

Skill level

An experienced player who knows how to estimate an accurate shot on target may use fewer paintballs, say 100 in two hours, but a beginner may use extra since they just shoot randomly.

Play position

The playing position determines how many paintballs you need for the game. Being a “backman” or part of the infantry position will require you to use a lot of paintballs say 500 paintballs and some 100 addition since you are required to defend your team. On other other hand, snipers and front man don’t shoot most frequently, and therefore they may require fewer paintballs, say a maximum of 400, or if you will pack more, it is still the same.

Shooting style

Your shooting style will tell the number of paintballs you will use, say if you are using spray technique, you are likely to use so many paintballs say more than 500, but if you are using accurate line-up technique, you may use fewer paintballs.

How long does it take to play paintball?

This is a question that most people asked. The average time for a paintballs game is 3-6 minutes. This is for a reals action-packed paintball battle. The actual feeling of a real game is when it shorter and tougher as opposed to a longer game.

Game played at a shorter time helps to optimize the use of paintballs, than the more extended time game that you will end up wasting a lot of ammo.
Short time leads to more fun. You can play your 3 minutes game to the end without being sidelined, but imagine playing a twenty-minute game then you are being shot at the fifth minute, will be quite boring being sidelined earlier then keep watching your team playing for another fifth teen minutes.

Can paintball kill you?

The paintball does not come with a huge impact that it can kill, but maybe it has enough energy to damage most delegate parts such as eyes, genitalia or larynx. I have never heard of a single case where the paintball has caused death. However, the most dangerous accident that may happen is when you are not careful when fixing your compressed gas bottle. This can cause serious injury or even instant death since it can take off like a rocket in case of improper dismounting.

What should a girl wear to paintball?

When it comes to paintballing gears, there are differences between the genders. You find most beginner girls asking more questions the guys before joining the game. Most of the items asked regarding suitable gears for girls, here we provide a summary of required gear for joining the paintballing game. These are; layers(long-sleeve T-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt), sweatpants, chest protector or padded bra, low braids or high ponytail hairstyle, camouflage attire, athletic shoes and padded gloves.

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