Throughout the Day, teams will progress through the fields, fighting each scenario until the time limit is up or a team completes the task. Your paintball session will not neccesarily end when you run out of paintballs, as you will be able to purchase paintballs and re-gas the guns throughout each game.

Surrender Rule:- Under 5 metres in distance, all players must offer the surrender call. The receiving player has the option to surrender or turn and attempt to shoot.

Game Types…


Sniper Alley – Part of your team is lost and you must go behind enemy lines to find them!!

Turkey Shoot – One team must capture a flag from a team of snipers. Choose your path wisely in this one!!

Bulls Eye – An exhillerating game where you can choose between being a sniper, or just charge in and capture the flag. MASSIVE FIELD!

SpeedBall – ( 2 Opposing teams face off on a field about the size of a tennis court with strategically placed barricades for a game that requires cunning & guts) The goal is to steal the marker flag which is placed in the centre of the field & take back to your station (Starting point) without being marked (Hit by a paintball). In this game the player only has 1 life.

Baghdad – ( A team is bunkered down in a fort & must stop the attacking team who are attacking from all sides from stealing the flag)

Mad Max – (One team defends the fuel (Gerry Can) in a near impenetrable base which includes drums, tyres, Pill box & a tower covered with camouflage netting). The goal is to take on the base & steal the fuel.

Super Ball – (Mutants & Zombies) A massive speedball field of 100 barricades (44 Gallon Drums). Opposing teams start at each end. If you are on the Mutant Team & are marked by a Zombie player, you join the Zombie team. The ultimate goal is to steal the flag from the opposing teams Station (Starting point).

Splinter Cell – (A terrorist cell is inside a shade cloth base) The attacking special forces team must work their way through the maze of shade cloth & steal the flag from the terrorists.


Apocalypse Now – (One team must defend the sand bunker & prevent the attacking team from stealing the flag) The defending team has 2 medics & can be brought back to life when marked. The attacking team is invincible.

Mission Impossible – (2 opposing teams on a bush ball field must try to steal the flag from the opposing team’s station) both teams are invincible.

Medic/Jungle Base – (One team is inside the jungle base & must defend the medic & the flag) The attacking team is invincible.

Capture the Flag – (Teams start at either end of a massive bush field & must try & capture each others flag.

Suicide Bomber – (Try & blow up the opposing team’s base with a ‘bomb’) One team must withhold their base from intrusion by the ‘Bomber’s team.

Rambo – (A small team can hide anywhere & the rest hunt them down.

Duel – (Start back to back. Walk 5 paces & turn around & shoot until you run out of paintballs or surrender, whichever comes first.