Paint Ball Affection

Do paintballs hurt?

When shot by a paintball, it is prevalent that you feel a sting similar to that of a firm flick. The minor pain tends to fade quickly, while most of the hits by a paintball can cause slight welt and bruise. The level of severity depends on factors such as the distance the ball travels, the speed of the ball and where the paintball hits your body

Do paintballs stain your clothes?

Paintballs are designed not to stain clothes. They are manufactured to be hypoallergenic, biodegradable, water-soluble, among other measures put in place to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. After the game, you can gently wash your game gear, and you will find that the paintball splash pigments are washed away thoroughly, leaving your clothes clean.

When preparing for a paintball game, you need to assemble your proper equipment with plenty of ammunitions. It would help if you had an average of 300 to 500 paintballs per day. The usage of paintballs depends on the number of games you are playing, player’s skill level, shooting style, playing position and mood. We will still go further and look at the number of the ball we require at a certain period, say in two hours, an hour or the whole day game. A good player can pack at least 500 balls earlier during game preparation, and maybe an extra 100 paintballs for an emergency. Let us take a look;

Two-hour game: the approximate number of paintballs for the two-hour game can be 100- 150 paintballs. Depending on the shooting position, skill level, game type, among other factors, a player may use up to 300 paintballs in two hours.

Let’s take a closer look at this:

Skill level

An experienced player who knows how to estimate an accurate shot on target may use fewer paintballs, say 100 in two hours, but a beginner may use extra since they just shoot randomly.

Play position

The playing position determines how many paintballs you need for the game. Being a “backman” or part of the infantry position will require you to use a lot of paintballs say 500 paintballs and some 100 addition since you are required to defend your team. On other other hand, snipers and front man don’t shoot most frequently, and therefore they may require fewer paintballs, say a maximum of 400, or if you will pack more, it is still the same.

Shooting style

Your shooting style will tell the number of paintballs you will use, say if you are using spray technique, you are likely to use so many paintballs say more than 500, but if you are using accurate line-up technique, you may use fewer paintballs.

How long does it take to play paintball?

This is a question that most people asked. The average time for a paintballs game is 3-6 minutes. This is for a reals action-packed paintball battle. The actual feeling of a real game is when it shorter and tougher as opposed to a longer game.

Game played at a shorter time helps to optimize the use of paintballs, than the more extended time game that you will end up wasting a lot of ammo.
Short time leads to more fun. You can play your 3 minutes game to the end without being sidelined, but imagine playing a twenty-minute game then you are being shot at the fifth minute, will be quite boring being sidelined earlier then keep watching your team playing for another fifth teen minutes.

Can paintball kill you?

The paintball does not come with a huge impact that it can kill, but maybe it has enough energy to damage most delegate parts such as eyes, genitalia or larynx. I have never heard of a single case where the paintball has caused death. However, the most dangerous accident that may happen is when you are not careful when fixing your compressed gas bottle. This can cause serious injury or even instant death since it can take off like a rocket in case of improper dismounting.

What should a girl wear to paintball?

When it comes to paintballing gears, there are differences between the genders. You find most beginner girls asking more questions the guys before joining the game. Most of the items asked regarding suitable gears for girls, here we provide a summary of required gear for joining the paintballing game. These are; layers(long-sleeve T-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt), sweatpants, chest protector or padded bra, low braids or high ponytail hairstyle, camouflage attire, athletic shoes and padded gloves.


5 best paintball tips

How do you get good at paintball?

Focusing on being good at playing paintball, you need to put in place various playing techniques. This is because the game is focused on letting you gain an advantage over the rival so that you can win the game. Some of these techniques are;

Invisibility: invisibility technique is essential since when the player is invisible to the opponent, there are enough chances to stay longer, attack opponents, and win the game.

Vision: it is not just enough for a player to camouflage and become invisible, but also they need to device some methods to confuse the opponent to a belief that they have spotted them, but in reality, it is a ploy.

Development: you should stop unnecessary movements and employ calculated moves that will initiate security. Take time to check the area to ensure it is clear before you take a step. These techniques will ensure you are saved, and you are going to win.

How many layers should you wear for paintball?

Most girls like wearing yoga pants for outside sports activities. This could be fine, but with paintballing, the danger is that you might get hurt, but the ball shots that cause an impact on your skin. Sweat pants are best for paintballing since it provides flexible movements alongside providing some padding. In addition, you can wear gym shorts underneath for proper protection or leggings. If the weather is hot, you can choose to wear buggy basketball shorts alongside knee or skin protectors. This is not recommended for beginners, and it may be ideal for those who have gained experience on how to take a short.

What should a girl wear to paintball?

For ladies, you need to wear a layer that you can peel off when you feel it is getting hot. Wear a top tank to protect your chest, have a long sleeve t-shirt on top of it, then wear a pullover sweatshirt. Chest protection is all about putting on a thick layer around the chest by having a heavy sweatshirt on top. You can still get a chest protector or a supper padded bra for summer months.

Getting dirty is a must, and so, you must ensure that you wear those clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty since you know that paint, mud, and sweat will eventually cover them at the end of the day. Choose dark color clothes such as black or forest green that can offer camouflage when coming into a blend with an environment, and that they resist staining.

For hair, pull them back or wear a bandana if you feel like it is going to get stained. Keep your hair out of your face while playing, or wear a protective mask to cover your entire face and hair. The paint is very oily and can end up damaging your hair, so what you need to do is to use a clarifying shampoo to bring your hair back to normal.

For shoes, choose comfortable athletic shoes that offer you comfort when running around with them. Get hiking shoes, skate shoes, and sneakers too.
Remember to protect your hand. It hurts a lot when you are shot on a bare hand without padding. Choose a pair of well-fitting gloves that allow you to free movement when operating your equipment. Apart from protecting you from being hurt by the shot, it helps you crawl and hind safely on the ground.

How long do paintball games last?

For intense-style games, pinball game can last anywhere from one minute, up to 24 hrs for a weekend-long battling scenario. On a standard basis, the average recreational game period last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.

How bad do paintballs hurt?

Paintball does not hurt much. The hardest feeling resembles when you are snapped hard with a wet towel or a hard snap from a rubber band. So, it is not that painful if you change how you perceive it.

How do you make paintballs hurt less?

All paintball player is aware that the shots hurt. Having it in mind that paintball shots are not dangerous, it hits can make you feel a sting. After a workout, you will discover that your body is arching later in the day, and this may really make you feel annoyed.

Cushioning the impact by wearing padding or layers can help make a paintball hurt less. You can wear layers of clothes even if you know it is going to get hotter later in the day, and so you will be taking off layer by layer if the temperatures will persist.

Another psychological measure to deal with pain is changing the way you think about the pain. If you think that the paintball is going to hit and harm you, definitely, every hit will change your feeling towards the pain, and at the end of the day, you will be feeling hurt everywhere. But if your perception towards pain is in a different direction, then you may not be feeling that the paintball hurts hard.

Building your muscles also helps you fix the way you feel pain when hurt. Strong muscles help in reducing the chances of injuries and keep your body firm enough to resist an impact.

Does PaintBall hurt?

Only if you get hit by a paintball! But seriously, if you don’t want to get hurt, you won’t. It depends entirely on how you play.

Our qualified staff supervise all games at a close distance to ensure no player is tagged within 5 metres. The surrender rule is also strictly enforced (see games). Each player is provided with safety equipment including face masks, overalls and body armour to minimise the impact of paintballs (see Booking Info).

We have safe zones for people to sit out of games or for those who want to watch.

What Is A Paintball?

Paintballs are a biodegradable capsule which consists of a gelatine based food dye. Paintballs are available at any time during the course of the day. Payment is not required on the field during play. We simply keep a tally and all accounts are settled at the end of the day. The average player uses 300 – 600 paintballs in a 3 to 4-hour session.

The average weight for a paintball is approximately 2.64g, and a diameter of 1.7cm. Upon release from the paintball marker Australia, these capsules degrade in complexion in order to splatter upon impact.

What is paintball?

Paintball is played in over 40 countries by men, women, families and friends. Statistics show that Paintball is safer than most outdoor activities
eg: rollerblading, surfing, netball, jetskiing.

Paintball combines the fun of childhood games like hiding and seek and red rover as well as the adult aspect of leadership and teamwork in a challenging and exciting environment.

The rules to Paintball are simple. The objective to most games is to evade your foe and eliminate your competition. Each game is different and rules can vary depending on the nature of the game. For a more in-depth guide of fair-play and rules.

Our qualified referees explain all the rules and the goals before each game starts. Your safety is our top priority. Every game is supervised and all players are
provided with the highest quality safety equipment.

Each session at Action Paintball Mackay generally runs from 3 to 4 hours but will last for as long as you desire. During that time, games run in that time for 15 to 20 minutes. Between games, players take a break to have a drink, plan their tactics and recount the thrills and hilarious stories. During the breaks our friendly staff check equipment, clean masks and sell paintballs.

Types of Cubby Houses

Did you have a cubby house when you were a child? What kind of cubby house was it? Was it a kids wooden cubby house or was it made from plastic? I know you’ll remember if you had one growing up.

The cubby house is a place where the imagination of children can run wild and free. It’s a place where they can play with their friends based on their own rules.

It can be built to look like a castle or fort. And your children can host parties there or invite their friends for tea.  It is their personal sanctuary.

Nowadays, cubby houses come in different forms. It can be a kids wooden cubby houseor it can be a cubby house made from plastic. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors too.

Cubby houses can be small, and they can be as big as a mini high street. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend or how much time you have to spend on the cubby house.

No matter the amount you are willing to spend or the size and shape you are looking for, we are here to point you in the right direction.

Cubby houses can be divided into these types:

  • Classic Cubby Houses
  • Cubby Playcenters
  • Themed Cubby Houses
  • Luxury Cubby

Classic Cubby Houses

The Classic cubby house is a kids wooden cubby house. It is made of wood, and it is perfect for use outside. It has simple designs and is made with quality in mind. The finish to has no parallel. If you want your child to have an active imagination, this here is a black canvas for the imagination.

If the garden or yard you chose for your cubby house is small, you’ll do well to go with the classic cubby house. It is easy for this type to fit in with the décor of your garden.

When choosing the type you want, you should select wood or hardwearing poly. If you decide to go with wood, make sure that the edges are smooth and rounded. You should ensure that the panels don’t have nails, splinters or screws shooting out that can affect your children.

When you choose a wooden cubby house, you are choosing a type that will look better with age. As long as you take good care of it, it will weather well and grow more beautiful as it gets older.

If you decide to go with the hard-wearing poly, that will be good too. It is a good choice if you want a clean and easy-to-assemble cubby house. The only downside is that the colours may fade under too much sun.

Cubby Playcenters

This type of cubby house has all the features that classic cubby house has, but it has extra features too. Those extra features encourage interaction and adventure.

This type of house can be a slide, a hatch, picnic bench or rooms inside the cubby. If your children have grown and have developed well, it is ideal for them. They can play ‘house,’ acts out the mother and child scenarios and other plays and have lots of fun.

Select a cubby house that will be big enough to accommodate your grown children’s height that will be comfortable, and that can house more than one child.

Themed Cubby House

A themed cubby house is about getting your children a cubby house that is in line with what they want. It may not be what they want; it may be what you have seen them act out. Maybe your little boy has been acting out pirate scenes. Or the little girl has been acting out the little princes’ role.

By getting them a cubby house that is in line with this, you are giving their imaginations a face. The cubby house can come in any shape you like. It can come as a castle, a treehouse, or a pirate boat. It all depends on the tastes of your children.

This is also a great choice for your grown children who have established play and have developed individual preferences.

The themed cubby house is a great choice and will make them proud when their friends come over to play. You can expect to thank you hugs later that night and subsequent nights.

Luxury Cubby Houses

Luxury cubby houses are by far the best of the lot. They are designed carefully with the addition of little features that will make them stand out from the rest.

They look like miniature homes, and they have all the things normal homes have. Some have extra rooms, petrol pumps, kitchens and attaché slides. What more could your children ask for?

Basically, any kind of cubby house will be appreciated by your children. But if you want to give them that extra treat, it’s a good thing that you now know enough about the types before you start buying.