Seth Senty in D-Town Review By Felix Baker

If you were to ask me: “Hey Felix, I want to get crushed by a premature stage diver, where should I go?” Or “Where can I go to get shot in the face by NERF bullets?” I would say “Well, Seth Sentry was playing at Discovery last Friday night and you obviously should have gone!

Seth Sentry in your FACE! For years now Sentry’s music has been playing on my iPod but only that night did I hear him live and I have to say that this was the most entertaining set that I’ve ever seen in Darwin. His Hip Hop got the whole crowd crazy, singing and dancing the whole time. And his recent riffs are just as high a caliber as his classics.

He was emitting the good vibes and getting them straight back. His energy bounced off the walls and infected the crowd and it was just so awesome to see that he was up there on stage, having as much fun, as his fans were having in the moshpit bellow.

The intimate performance allowed him to break down the invisible barrier that separates Seth and DJ B.TWO just, rappin on a ladder…audience with the performer. He smashed straight through it with his rhyming lyrics and spoke to the people, joking like they were old friends! He and his DJ, DJ B.TWO (Australian DMC Champion!!) would have had enough enthusiasm and energy to power the whole of Darwin’s nightclub scene that night. Make sure to check out his music because ITS ALL AWESOME! Songs like ‘the waitress song’ & ‘train catcher’ are sure to tickle you musical taste buds.

One of the best things about Seth Sentry though was his chilled out, open and real vibe. At the end of his set he went straight out to the merch stand and connected with all his fans. He wasn’t just signing shirts and hats (although his writing hand was definitely getting a works out), he was getting to know them, chatting away joking and laughing, a true man of the people. I hope that he does not lose this endearing quality as he peruses his journey to stardom.

Till next time, and thanks for reading.

Media Makers young Darwin Journalists report for GRIND online!

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Are You Prepared for a Cyclone?

Darwin’s young journalists Lionel Lai, Katherine Hayman, Luciana Susanto, Tate Zanner, Naomi Biessel look at the Territorinas perception of cyclones. With interviews from Cyclone Tracy survivors Rob Howard & Gary Haslett, NT Emergency Services Public Education Officer Jo Stephens, and Climatologist at the Bureau of Meteorology Joel Lisonbee, you’ll be asking yourself “am I prepared for a cyclone?”

Darwins Music Scene

Darwin’s young journalists Phoebe Robinson Mo Adigun, Tyra Thompson, Jeremy De Guzman and Harrison Cable get the low down on Darwin’s expanding music scene. With interviews with the manager of Happy Yess Dan Davies, young local bands We Burn Bridges and Indica Sunrise. its easy to see there is neither a shortage of young musical talent or optimism about the future of music and music venues in Darwin!

Interview with Seth Sentry!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Seth Sentry & I like to rap in my free time

2. When did you realise that you were a lyrical genius and begin to write raps/ lay rhymes?

Haha, genius is a bit of a stretch. But I started writing short stories when I was a kid & it just went from there.

3. Tell us about your journey from small time underground rapper to renowned Australian superstar touring the country. When you were young did you envision yourself being where you are today?

Definitely not! To be honest I only ever did it because it was fun. I never ever thought I could make a living by talking rubbish.

4. Where do you get your material from and what do you most like to write raps about?

I get my inspiration from the world around me and a lot of times Im only seeing a tiny part if that so my songs can end up being about trivial first world stuff. My favourite type of raps to write though are straight up battle raps.

5. Who are you when you’re not renowned Australian rapper Seth Sentry? What are your other hobbies?

My passion is definitely gaming, absolute love it. Watch a lot of movies too

6.You seem to have a great sense of humour, ever thought of doing stand up?

Doing stand up comedy must be the most terrifying thing ever! Im good thanks. My friend Steele Saunders is a stand up comedian though, you should check him out!

7.What has been your favourite performance (yours or one you’ve seen)?

When Kanye first came out here & he bought a small string section & DJ JS1 with him. Amazing show!

8. Is the waitress song based on a true story? Tell us more! Did you ever think that it would crack the big time?

Yep, true story. Although I never got to play the song for her as shed quit a week before I had the song finished. Definitely never thought people would respond to it the way they did.

9. Who inspires you?

Aesop Rock more than anyone else. Listen to Aesop Rock.

10.What is your fondest teenage memory?

Listening to Wu Tang 36 Chambers in my friend’s parent garage, getting up to no good.

11. What is some advice you’d give to young upcoming performers/ rappers/ hip hoppers?

Take your time & hone your craft. First impressions last.

12. What would you tell your 17 year old self?

Stop gelling your fringe.

13. Do you know what ‘YOLO’ is an acronym for? (no cheating by googling it!)

You oughta laugh often!?

Illy, coming back to Darwin!

1. Last time GRIND interviewed you, you mentioned that you would love to do some underage or all ages gig. Any chance you’ll be squeezing one of those in this time round?

Nah, Im not going to be able to this time, because of the music studio hire stuff. But Im really hoping to do that next time Im up.

2. Tell us about your name where did it come from?

Its just a nickname that Ive had since I was 13. No interesting story haha, my little sister used to call me Ally, and Illy just somehow came about from that.

Illy, being a boss

3. Do you ever catch yourself just accidently rapping in conversations instead of talking?

Haha, never accidentally. If Im taking the piss out of someone I might just throw a little jab in, but never just accidentally start rhyming haha that would make it hard to get a job or get a girlfriend.

4. When did you realise you wanted to pursue rapping and why?

When I was about 13, and basically because I loved the music and wanted to make my own.

5. What is you’re favourite thing to write about and where do you find you inspiration?

Draw inspiration from everywhere. I dont really have a favourite thing to write about, but I do like to write positively, cant be bothered writing about negative stuff too much, it brings you down, and I dont need that!

6. What is your fondest teenage memory?

Cant go into that here haha, I was asked to keep the answers PG hahaha

7. Its so awesome to see how many artists you’ve worked with on this album, how was that?

A lot of fun. Got a lot of love for all of them and they all did an excellent job.

8. Where did the story behind heard it al before’ come from? Did something happen in your life to inspire writing the song?

Yeah a little bit. I just found myself writing about stuff, and then saying ah crap, thats been done by so and so, thenIlly’s new album – bring it back writing something else, and saying ah crap, thats been done by a different so and so and was getting bummed out about it. But then just sort of realised everything has been done before, it doesnt necessarily make it a bad thing as long as you put your own perspective into it.

9. What has been your favourite performance? (yours or one that you’ve seen)

My favourite performance is Splendour 2011 last year, which was unreal. Huge crowd. My favourite performance Ive seen of others would be any number of The Jezabels gigs Ive seen, Jay-z in 2007, and Daft Punk in 2008. Amazing, all of them!

10. Do you have any advice for young upcoming performers/ rappers?

Just work hard, get off the internet and out in the real world, and believe in yourself.

11. What would you tell your 17 year old self?

Keep your head down, clean your act up, keep working on music, and STUDY. Damn, finishing Uni took so much longer than it would have if I just did it right to begin with haha.

Illy will be playing at Discovery on Friday 7th of December! Tickets are available now.

Types of Cubby Houses

Did you have a cubby house when you were a child? What kind of cubby house was it? Was it a kids wooden cubby house or was it made from plastic? I know you’ll remember if you had one growing up.

The cubby house is a place where the imagination of children can run wild and free. It’s a place where they can play with their friends based on their own rules.

It can be built to look like a castle or fort. And your children can host parties there or invite their friends for tea.  It is their personal sanctuary.

Nowadays, cubby houses come in different forms. It can be a kids wooden cubby houseor it can be a cubby house made from plastic. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors too.

Cubby houses can be small, and they can be as big as a mini high street. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend or how much time you have to spend on the cubby house.

No matter the amount you are willing to spend or the size and shape you are looking for, we are here to point you in the right direction.

Cubby houses can be divided into these types:

  • Classic Cubby Houses
  • Cubby Playcenters
  • Themed Cubby Houses
  • Luxury Cubby

Classic Cubby Houses

The Classic cubby house is a kids wooden cubby house. It is made of wood, and it is perfect for use outside. It has simple designs and is made with quality in mind. The finish too has no parallel. If you want your child to have an active imagination, this here is a black canvas for the imagination.

If the garden or yard you chose for your cubby house is small, you’ll do well to go with the classic cubby house. It is easy for this type to fit in with the décor of your garden.

When choosing the type you want, you should select wood or hardwearing poly. If you decide to go with wood, make sure that the edges are smooth and rounded. You should ensure that the panels don’t have nails, splinters or screws shooting out that can affect your children.

When you choose a wooden cubby house, you are choosing a type that will look better with age. As long as you take good care of it, it will weather well and grow more beautiful as it gets older.

If you decide to go with the hard wearing poly, that will be good too. It is a good choice if you want a clean and easy-to-assemble cubby house. The only downside is that the colors may fade under too much sun.

Cubby Playcenters

This type of cubby house has all the features that classic cubby house has, but it has extra features too. Those extra features encourage interaction and adventure.

This type of house can be a slide, a hatch, picnic bench or rooms inside the cubby. If your children have grown and have developed well, it is ideal for them. They can play ‘house,’ acts out the mother and child scenarios and other plays and have lots of fun.

Select a cubby house that will be big enough to accommodate your grown children’s height that will be comfortable, and that can house more than one child.

Themed Cubby House

A themed cubby house is about getting your children a cubby house that is in line with what they want. It may not be what they want; it may be what you have seen them act out. Maybe your little boy has been acting out pirate scenes. Or the little girl has been acting out the little princes’s role.

By getting them a cubby house that is in line with this, you are giving their imaginations a face. The cubby house can come in any shape you like. It can come as a castle, a treehouse, or a pirate boat. It all depends on the tastes of your children.

This is also a great choice for your grown children who have established play and have developed individual preferences.

The themed cubby house is a great choice and will make them proud when their friends come over to play. You can expect to thank you hugs later that night and subsequent nights.

Luxury Cubby Houses

Luxury cubby houses are by far the best of the lot. They are designed carefully with the addition of little features that will make them stand out from the rest.

They look like miniature homes, and they have all the things normal homes have. Some have extra rooms, petrol pumps, kitchens and attaché slides. What more could your children ask for?

Basically, any kind of cubby house will be appreciated by your children. But if you want to give them that extra treat, it’s a good thing that you now know enough about the types before you start buying.